Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When it comes to creating a graphic novel I find myself feeling at home "scripting" the comic using thumbnails. I've tried writing a script but in this case I have found thumbnailing preferable for this project.

Of course, I developed the story with a written outline and from there used the thumbnails to visualize the story. Below you can see a couple of pages with my thumbnails. I drew them quite tiny and made notes beside them.

From  there I took the small thumbnails and actually started to draw larger roughs into a small notebook.

In the end I just found my self creating roughs directly into the computer. I love drawing with pencil and paper and wish that I could have done this project by hand and then colour them on the computer. The reality is if I want to complete this project in a reasonable amount of time, keeping it digital will speed up the process.

I am glad that I have so much to reference with the thumbnails and roughs that I have already done, which is the majority of the story. Its good to have this foundation to work on as it gives me a lot to consider when  finalizing a page. 

I don't want to spoil my story too much so I've just given a little example of my inked work and some colour work. Colouring is turning out to be a big challenge and I have still not completely decided what style of colouring suites my inked work.

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